April 1st and 2nd, 2017

I'm too tired to remember much of what happened this weekend. I paid 1K for a ring for my mom for Mother's Day as well as Christmas and her birthday. Don't feel great about that. It's more than I'm comfortable spending at once, plus the day before I had just dropped $250 on cubes and preordered the next hardcover JoJo's book and I paid off my card from last month (another $600). Too much spending. I think I'm done for a while (until my trip to Pittsburgh for carnival). I'm also just plain uncomfortable with my checking account being less than 5K, and it's below 4 now.

Either this morning or yesterday I had that recurring dream where I've basically forgotten that I'm taking a Spanish class until the last week, when it's too late to drop the class and impossible to get a passing grade.

I worked a very tiny amount on my roguelike. I got way too tired to do much after a certain point.

I also spent too much time in /r/place. It's been fascinating seeing it change over time. It's also infuriating the number of people who just want to wreck stuff. People like that are why I started playing Minecraft almost exclusively single-player.

Sexual Thoughts

I'm wondering if me not masturbating as much is the cause of all my acne lately. It's getting a lot worse than usual, and popping up in places that I don't usually get acne. Also, I had to put my porn stash back into hiding because there was talk of my parents going through my bookshelf to get rid of books. Can't take that risk anymore now.