March 12th, 2017

I got somewhere between 9 and 10 hours of sleep last night and I'm still tired. I'm thinking that I should try getting more sleep during the week and go to bed at 10 PM instead of 1 AM, but I know I won't do that. I'd try napping again, but I know it would just make me feel horrible, as usual. I guess I just need to try to have more self-control during the week, even if it means that I do less stuff and feel that I'm slowly losing large portions of my life. I don't remember my dream from last night.


Dad and I agreed to see Get Out at 3, so I took advantage of that extra time to improve this site a bit more. The Previous and Next links are now in a table, because that seemed like the only way to get them both to appear on the same line and have the next link right-justified without using floats. The problem with floats was that they looked weird inside the bounding box for the post, and there didn't seem to be a good way to fix that.

I also finally resolved the problem with the previous link having to appear outside the box on the front page. The solution was actually so simple. The load function just allows you specify a callback, so I just wrote an anonymous function that appended the table to the post.

Get Out

I really enjoyed Get Out. I know that the deer representing black people theme was probably pretty obvious to most people, but I'm still proud of myself for noticing it. I wonder what else they might have included that I missed completely. I hope to include things like that in my own work and have it not feel awkward within the story. I also really liked the girlfriend in the movie. Whoever was playing her did an excellent job. I loved that I couldn't tell if she was in on it or not until the keys scene.

As usual, I was feeling pretty motivated to work on my comic until I got home. Then I just started feeling really tired, like I need more sleep. I know that if I take a nap right now, though, that it will wreck my ability to fall asleep tonight and then tomorrow will be hell. So I guess tiredness it is for me. I think I'd just like to talk with Fef for a while today. Maybe she'll make me feel more awake and like working on my comic. I shouldn't try to rely on her for that though. I'm just so tired today.

Late Afternoon

I'm wondering if I might want to try some nsfw drawings of my characters. I don't really think of them that way, and I'm still debating whether I want Lux to be asexual or not, but I can always dismiss it as being non-canonical for my characters. I've definitely found drawing nsfw to be helpful for getting anatomy down, but I don't know if I'd like the act of making that kind of drawing anymore. The last nsfw drawing I did doesn't look as good in hindsight and I think I might be afraid of failure. But then isn't doing nothing worse? I don't know. I'm still too tired for this.


I did do a tiny bit of drawing. I got frustrated that the pose was looking weird and gave up after a little while. I guess that was to be expected though, for not drawing for weeks on end. I guess I'll just keep trying, poking at the sketch here and there until I've knocked the rust off.

I did wind up talking with Fef for a while, but I think I annoyed her initially by asking questions when she was trying to tell me something. Then she seemed to not really want to talk, or just kept saying "Okay" when I would say something. She did tell me about her grandmother. She had a stroke recently and was recovering nicely, although with a noticable slur. I can't really relate, since everyone I've known who's died did so when I was very young, and no one's had any trouble since. I have been constantly reminding myself that my parents and my grandparents will only be alive for so long, and that I should try to make the best of however much time I've got with them. I still can't help but seem to take them all for granted. I really hope I don't wind up looking back on this time with regret.