March 13th, 2017

Today at work, after waiting for at least two weeks to hear back, I found out that the first two days of my requested time off was denied. This was because my coworker forgot which days he was taking off and when I asked him if he was taking any time off during the period that I requested, he said no. This is something very important for planning! You don't just quickly answer no, you double check if you can't remember. So that's two days I've lost of the very last carnival I'll ever get to go to with all my friends. I'm so fucking upset over this.

I spent the next hour after I heard this planning my next move. One possibility is finding another job as quickly as possible so I can quit this one and go to carnival in the time in-between. But the one I'll more likely go with is having requested to work remotely for those two days. That way I'll still have some time with my friends, especially Fef. Us sleeping over the last time I visited was great. It was one of the best nights I've ever had, even if that meant waking up every two hours in a tiny cramped bed.

Since I do plan on getting a new job relatively soon, I really need to work more on my roguelike. I definitely want it to be in a state that I can show off to future employers. So, I think I'll set myself up with a second blog where I can talk about what I've been doing with regards to that. The way I figure it, as long as I spend some time working on it each day, I'll eventually have something to show for it.