March 14th, 2017

I got to work from home today because up to 10 inches of snow was forecast. Of course we barely got 1 inch. Working from home wasn't as painful as last time. I guess that's because I had nearly everything set up already. It was nice not constantly having to worry about being watched. Ironically, I think this made me do more work than I would have otherwise, despite my crash. Towards the middle of the day, I became increasingly tired to the point where I was having trouble focusing and felt like falling asleep. I tried something different this time and had a very small snack in the hopes of it giving me energy and it seemed to work! I'll try again tomorrow at work when the same inevitably happens. Of course, I always wind up getting a second wind, so that might be the partially why I recovered so quickly.

I think this is the first time in my life that I can recall not being enthralled by the beauty of the snow. It was just kind of annoying to me today. All that joy that it used to bring to me as a child was gone. Maybe that's because I had work the same day, or because I expected it to be a lot worse, but I'm still surprised at myself. I hope that this isn't what I've become. Taking in the beauty of nature has been one of the greatest pleasures in my life and I must not let that slip from my fingers.

Empty World

I asked Fef to pester me every day to work on my game today. She agreed and got me to work on it a little bit today, including after I wanted to stop, which I'm happy for. I've now reached the point where I need to figure out how my maps are going to work. I can't let this part of the game go without much thought, because it will affect so much of what I have to write that little changes will require big rewrites.

I also want to create a dev blog for the game, preferrably on neocities. I'd like to not create a second account because I don't want to manage two accounts, and it's only 5 dollars to help support the site, but I'd prefer for it to be a one-time deal. So, I'm wondering what happens if I spend the 5 dollars to get the upgraded account for only one month, then cancel it the next month. Will I still have access to the second site? Will it be deleted? Or will I just be able to continue using it as if I was still upgraded? Hopefully I'll find out shortly and will not have to try it to find out.