March 15th, 2017

My dream this morning saw me as a filmmaker with a camera in my hat that I would activate by pressing a button on the brim. I filmed a bomb/pair of binoculars that could talk as it tried to get away from me and explode several times. I also filmed a person who looked a lot like Tracy Morgan try to get away from some people and enter a restaurant. This entire dream took place in New York City, but it looked just like the parts of Pittsburgh that I would visit while I was a student at CMU.


There was a bit of trouble getting approved to work remotely during carnival today, but it came through in the end. I'll at least get to spend some time with my friends for those two days! And I'm way happier with that than nothing. Plus I'll still have the opportunity to sleep over with Fef! I'm really looking forward to that.

I also stayed a little late at work today to help Maki troubleshoot something. I'll gladly stay late if it's for Maki, since he's been super nice to me and a real pleasure to work with. He's never made me feel stupid for not knowing something and has made a real effort to always be understanding. He's earned my loyalty.


At this point, I think I'll just make the second blog for my game. I'm enjoying using this site and I don't really mind $60 a year for something I'll be getting a lot of use out of. Plus then I can just make sites on a whim.


I spent a couple hours implementing the site for my game. It's currently very bare-bones, but it's a good start that I'm already pretty happy with. I purposely left out the link to the game for now. I will only want people to see it when the rewrite is done. Also, while developing it, I noticed a change that I'll have to make to this site: the width of the contents needs to be capped. This unfortunately involves adding another wrapper div to my content div, so I'm going to have to edit nearly every page I've made. Also, I need to have my template applied to the 404 page. I'll save all this work for tomorrow.