March 17th, 2017

I stayed up really late last night talking with Fef. She was worried that she'd never find a person to be in a relationship with because of her being asexual. I tried my best to console her, but I never really felt like I was doing a good job at it. I'm pretty sure I only made things worse several times. I really want her to be happy. She's got so many bad things happening to her constantly, and I really want things to get better for her.

In-between messages, I was able to finish watching Stardust Crusaders. I honestly don't understand why people were telling me that parts of this series weren't very good, or that it's a struggle to get through. I loved all the characters and found the vast majority of stand fights to be super interesting. It's also cool seeing just how much stuff JoJo's has influenced. Overall, I had a great time watching Stardust Crusaders and would do it again.


Work today went really well! I got my work done and got to work with Maki some more. He also brought in a small part of his collection of computer science books today because he was giving all of us at the office a chance to pick them up before he sells them/gives them away. I got quite the stack! It will take me a long time to get through them all. I'm going to make an effort to try doing some reading every day so that I'm always making progress on them. It'll probably wind up happening right before I go to bed most days. I hope it doesn't wind up keeping me up at night.


I haven't really felt like working much on my hobbies at all today. I know I really should, but the motivation just isn't there. I'm feeling more tired and even playing Overwatch got boring really quickly. I don't know what to do.

I also found out recently that DuoLingo has Japanese for English speakers in its Incubator. It comes out in May and I'm so excited for that! I stopped trying to learn Japanese because it seemed like I had to use several different resources and they'd all tell me something that contradicted the others. I felt lost and gave up. So this might be the island that I need to pick it up again. And because of this, one of the books that I picked up from Maki is written in Japanese, so I've got a little extra motivation to learn it.

Sex Thoughts

I spent quite a bit of time at work today really horny. Two days in a row is quite something, especially with the feeling being so strong. I hope this keeps up. To celebrate, I did something I'd been planning on doing for a while and brough my porn stash out of hiding (except the pony stuff). I put it on my shelf in a way that you can't see the spines of the books. It's fine because this part of my shelf was already like that. Basically, the idea is that I'm hiding them out in plain site because no one would think to look there for such a thing. That and I'm pretty sure my parents have stopped coming into my room as often as they used to, probably because they don't want to climb the stairs going back up. I also brought out a couple of my sex toys and hid them in a drawer that is just annoying enough to open that no one will search it.

I'm going to start putting my thoughts on sexual things in their own titled sections because I know Fef reads these and it makes her uncomfortable. This blog is still primarily for me, but I'll make this easy change to make things easier for someone I care about.