March 20th, 2017

Didn't do a whole lot today. Work was fine. I got home and played some Overwatch. Then I talked with Fef for many hours. She was having a bad several days, basically since that talk we had about the future where I thought I wasn't being very helpful. She seemed to feel a lot better after a while this time. She's also looking forward to carnival a lot, and the longer it takes to get here, the more I want it to come too.


Fef and I stayed up late and wound up cybering. That was incredibly unexpected because I had taken for a fact the idea that Fef was completely asexual. As she put it, that was just the best way of describing how she felt at the time. It's hard to tell how much of what she is is from another personality or from trauma, but I got the impression thas she was herself the entire time. I can't know for sure because not being there in person means that I could have been missing some obvious nonverbal cues. We'll see what happens next.