March 24th, 2017

I remembered to use the treadmill again today. I put it on the lowest profile setting and I still got a good workout. I'm really looking forward to getting better at this as time goes on. Of course, I'm worried that I'm not going to get better unless I'm really destroying myself every time. I don't know much about this.

I also felt really briefly like working on my comic today. It was directly after reading a comic online. And I've been thinking about it and I think the most motivation I had to draw a comic was while I was reading Homestuck. So maybe to feel more like doing it, I need to spend more of my time reading webcomics. I could be wrong of course. It's just a correlation, but we'll find out I guess.

Sexual Thoughts

Haven't really been having any. Which is unusual. On the days where I haven't cybered with Fef, I seem to have an extremely dimished sex drive. The comic I was reading earlier was something I think I'd normally have found to be extremely arousing, but it didn't do a single thing for me in that way. I really admired the character designs aesthetically, but not sexually. Maybe it's that I find Fef to be far more attractive than anything else. Maybe that's causing me to really "spend" all my sexual energy every time with her. Or maybe like above, it's just coincidence and this was going to happen either way.