March 25th, 2017

I had a dream last night where you Fef a medical genius instead of a computer genius and she gave me a warning as to why I was about to die. She didn't want to talk to me anymore though, so I had to resort to some of her medical friends for help. Part of the dream was finding them in a computer lab. They agreed that everything she told me made sense and tried to help me, but the dream morphed into another one before they could. Another dream, I was on the ship from Dead Space. Another I was McCree and had to explain to someone how my ultimate worked.

The other major dream that I can remember was sexual in nature. I went to a party at a hotel with my parents. I had my own room and I brought some sex toys with me. The son of the person holding the party was wearing a skirt with a Bad Dragon dildo hanging out from under it. He was kind of a jerk and caused some kind of ruckus and had to leave. While I was watching this all happen, I was trying to hide the Bad Dragon dildo that I had under my hoodie. Eventually I wound up outside on the roof and jumped down and into the window of the hallway that my room way on. I went in, used the bathroom, then went to go insert my dildo and woke up as I was removing my pants, to find myself actually removing them.

Family Friend

The rest of the day was getting ready for a family friend, Audrey, to show up with her children. We're kind of a pitstop on the way to wherever she's going as far as I can tell. They're spending one night and leaving early in the morning. They arrived around five and we had dinner with them around six. I of course did not like her children. One of them kept letting the dogs in and I kept having to put them back out. The other was obnoxious and kept raising her voice, as well as throwing food on the floor and demanding candy or cupcakes. Audrey was plenty nice to talk to and she's added me as a friend on Words with Friends. I also had a brief talk with my mom where I think I convinced her a little bit that having kids one day will not be for me. Of course, I don't dislike the idea of having children, but I really think that's because I haven't fully taken in how horrible that would be. A complete loss of freedom, of money, of sleep, and all for something that I just think will not be worth it. Plenty of people are born every year. There's no reason to add on to that.