March 28th, 2017

I don't remember much from my dream last night, but I do remember going to retrieve my parked car. It was parallel parked and everyone else did such a bad job parallel parking that I had to drive over someone's lawn to get it out. Of course, I had trouble with this and wound up driving over way more of their lawn than I needed to and I remember looking at it and seeing the tire tracks.

Today was Chai's last day before his big trip to Thailand. I'm really worried that my workload is going to increase tremendously and I'll have to be staying late a lot. I'm also worried that my work is going to take significantly longer without him and I'll have to stop watching YouTube videos at work to make up for it, which is going to mean that I'll be exhausted a lot more at the end of the day.

After work, I went to trivia night again. I didn't know anything, I wasn't helpful at all, and I didn't enjoy the food, which sent me over my calorie limit for the day. When it ended, my stomach felt really bad so I didn't wind up doing any exercise when I got home, which is really annoying because my calves ache and are begging me to be used.

Fef and I had a good conversation this morning. It was nice to just talk about Pokemon. I really feel like some of that awkwardness from the past few days is fading. She also talked to me first, which is usual, but very nice. That helps me feel less like she'll forget about me and never talk to me if I'm not sending her messages every day. Of course, she didn't respond to any of my messages since noon, even though she's online, which is a bit weird. She did say she has a lot of homework, and it is finals week, so I think this isn't really unexpected. I really need to try to remember the bigger picture and not start getting paranoid at every little thing.

It's now after midnight and she never replied. I'm feeling ignored or forgotten. On top of that, I put on the shirt she gave me that says THE MAID on it and I saw it's got some staining around the collar. I hate damaging gifts that people have given me. I'm feeling really bad.

I haven't really been having any sexual thoughts today. I honestly feel like my life's easier without them. I've also been worried that Fef read my "Sexual Thoughts" from yesterday and is now avoiding me because of it. I'm probably just being stupid though. But I have been feeling really bad about having sexual thoughts about her since we cybered. It really is just easier for our relationship on the days when I don't feel anything sexual.