November 23rd, 2017

Not a whole lot happened today. Had to get up early to leave for my grandparents' house. My mom didn't come with us, under the excuse of needing to take care of Pheobe since Pheobe got a spinal injury and can't travel. Of course, the actual reason is that she hates Grams. Since it was just me and my dad in the car, we listened to the first book of the Dresden Files. I had forgotten just how much sex and gender stuff is in it, but it's pretty okay overall. I never really cared for probably the first 4 books or so. We actually got through most of the book going there and coming back.

At my grandparents house, my aunt Ann was there visiting from the nursing home. Dad said later that she looked way better than the last time we saw her, but I couldn't really tell. She seemed upset when she learned that we were only staying for one and a half hours. She also expressed that she wanted to see my mom, especially after we gave her a gold-colored cat pin as a birthday present. As an aside, she also confided to me that she hates the nursing home and that they treat her badly. I don't know what to think though since she seemed so genuine, but my parents said that she's always just been a complainer and that her current nursing home is really great and is helping her with physical therapy. It seems to weird to me though that they would just dismiss her outright and not even consider what she's saying.

The Thanksgiving lunch itself was pretty okay. There was plenty to eat, but it wasn't as flavorful as I remember it being in my childhood. I'm sure that it's just my grandparents getting older and they can't do as much as they used to. Also, I was pretty annoyed since we brought a huge, freshly-made pecan pie with us, and my grandmother said not to eat it, that she'd freeze it and we'd have it at Christmas and to instead eat a tiny storebought one that she had. We got home and my mom had been cooking trying to get a dinner made for us, but she wound up eating early and had basically nothing of what she made, so I'm a bit confused about why that happened or if we'll be eating the food tomorrow.