April 27th, 2018

I got an interview just outside of Pittsburgh today! It's for Tuesday and about 40 minutes from CMU, which isn't so bad. Of course, it's in the opposite direction from Frosty's job, so if we want to room together I'll have to make a concession and get a place further from my job. I really hope I get this job so I can just be done with all these interviews. Of course, another part of me wants to stay unemployed forever and just enjoy myself. And of course, I'll see Fef less often, but I know she makes an effort to visit CMU from time to time. And I can always visit her in NYC.

I also made a whole bunch of improvements to my Arch desktop. I improved the startup time tremendously by disabling the dhcp service for eth0 (since I don't even have ethernet plugged in). It's still not as fast as the bootup time for Windows 10, but it's close. I also got pavucontrol to launch in my music workspace, then set firefox and discord to launch automatically at boot too. Next, I decided that I'd get VLC to work with dvd and BluRay. The latter took about 2 and a half hours of dealing with dependencies and the aacs file, but it works! Then I set up VLC's remote control for my phone as well as a remote shell for my phone. The last step was to order a bluetooth dongle for my computer from thinkpenguin. Once that arrives, I'll be able to watch dvds and blurays from my bed (and be able to turn off the computer!).

My mom just got back from a week traveling for work and we all went out to the indian place for dinner. We traveled there in the car together, then home then the dry cleaners then target then back home again, so we spent a lot of time together today. We talked alot about the internet and politics and I dropped some more hints that I'm nb to her (shouldn't be necessary since I flat out told her I don't feel like either gender months ago, but I think she's forgotten about that). We also played a bit of Pokemon Go. She also helped me figure out my plans for this coming week once we got home. Overall, I think we had a good bonding experience.