April 30th, 2017

Drove up to Pittsburgh (or rather, Canonsburg) today for my interview tomorrow. Basically woke up, went to lunch, then left. At lunch, my mom tried to convince me that I shouldn't be so selective and that I should be applying everywhere for jobs. I can't seem to emphasize to her just how important this is to me. I do not want to move somewhere I don't know and be all alone again. It's so fucking frustrating trying to argue this and I really don't want to since I know what I want to do and what I will do. That is: apply single-mindedly to NYC and Pittsburgh.

Once I got to Canonsburg, I quickly made my way over to Dave and Busters at the Pittsburgh waterfront to hang out with friends. Chris couldn't make it, but Frosty and Eric were there, along with Eric's girlfriend, Angel. They were all over by the DDR clone Pump It Up. Angel asked me to play a round with her, so I did, constantly emphasizing the fact that I have never played such a game before and would be terrible at it. Surprise surprise, I was indeed terrible. But I played again and did slightly better, and again, and again. In the last game, I got a B score for a level-two round. I didn't enjoy it a ton, but I definitely didn't dislike it either. I'd play again.

Also, I'm glad that Angel was so friendly towards me. She took an interest in me talking about Galaga and watched me play a game. I worry a lot that I hang out with men too often, so interacting with her was nice. I worry that I seem too stereotypically male, though. She didn't know some terms so I started to just explain various things, like how Space Invaders works and everything I was doing in Galaga. I hope that didn't come across like mansplaining. Plus I had to shout a lot to be heard, so my voice came across a little deeper than I'd like. God I just wish I could just be transitioning already so I wouldn't have to worry that I seem too male.

Yesterday I saw Infinity War with Dave. We got some good seats in this super nice theater. There was tons of space for each seat, and they even reclined deeply with buttons that controlled it. Unfortunately, this was ruined with some people in our row that talked the whole time, sometimes shouting at the screen. It was so distracting that I actually left the theater to make a complaint during the movie. They sent a security guard, but they didn't do anything to stop the talking. They just stood there and watched. So, I feel that my enjoyment of the movie suffered. I'm pretty sure it was really good, much better than the last two Avengers movies, but I just didn't really feel it since I was pulled out of the movie basically the whole time.

Before the movie, while we were just hanging out, I mentioned losing all the game I was keeping in my 3d-printed box and Dave said that he just asked his mom to give away his old pokemon games. Dave called her for me, and unfortunately, she had just given them away in the past few days. One of them included his old FireRed, which I need a copy of to get my backup containing my shiny Rayquaza. I'm still so sad that I lost all those games, and immensely frustrated that they just seem to have vanished from my desk. I'm reasonably sure I didn't take them out of my room since I last remember seeing them, so where could they have gone?

Fef also started doing pixel art yesterday. The very first thing she sent me looked like Pillow from her old webcomic. I laughed, but I don't think I discouraged her, and tried to be positive by saying that she'd probably be amazing, assuming she continues that trend among people I know. It always seems that as soon as I see someone I know mention they just started learning 2d or 3d art, they're instantly better than me at it. She also sent me two more little images today, one of a face that reminded me of the Necronomicon, and one of a girl with a bow in her hair that I asked if it was her, to which she seemed unsure. If I wasn't traveling, I'd probably offer some advice for improvement, or link her to some tutorials. But maybe it's best that I'm not doing that right now and just letting her have fun without worrying about improving. I'll help her with that when she's ready.