Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

I got approved for HRT! Last Thursday I went with Ren to Central Center, saw a doctor, and was told that I'd be getting my first shipment sometime between Saturday and Tuesday (today). I forgot the range of this and have been expecting it basically every day since Saturday. It still hasn't arrived, which is really frustrating. I really really hope it arrives tomorrow. You may note that this was earlier than I mentioned in my previous entry, and that is because this is a different place than the one I was scheduled for on the 16th. Someone recommended it on the new Allies discord and I just did a walk-in. I haven't cancelled my 16th, just in case something goes wrong and I wind up needing to go to them as a backup option.

Anthrocon was really fun! Chris and Frosty went this year, a first for both of them. Andy slept on my floor and couch (but not the pullout part of the couch). And I shuttled Angel and Eric to the con from Eric's place. Overall, the quality of the convention this year was considerably higher than last year. There were a ton more interesting panels, and the panels themselves were more engaging. Kage's Story Hour opened with a transphobic story this year, which was disappointing, but you kind of just have to expect that kind of shit to come from anywhere.

At the con, I got a good amount of stuff. I got two nice shirts and a hoodie from Lydiarts that I've already been complimented on a ton! I also got two really cute women's cut shirts that I hope to one day be able to wear (one of them is also a v-neck, so, need that tiddy). I was hoping to get a replacement shirt for my cracking Kokoro Croc shirt from Hyena Agenda, but they weren't selling it this year, which was annoying. I plan to try seeing if I can get it online at some point. I also got two blankets from the art auction that I'm really happy with. One's a cool squid with nice colors and the other is a really pretty deer with gorgeous colors. Also got some artwork for my walls. Very sad that I damaged one of them as I was taking it to be paid for at the art auction. One of the pieces of tape attached to a bidder sheet latched right on to the front of a photo-paper double-matted print. I was pretty upset about that, but I haven't tried to clean it up yet. I really don't want to mess it up even more, but I'll have to bite the bullet and just do it at some point.

Another thing I got at the convention, that I saved mentioning for last, is an Anthrocon flag. I was on the fence about wanting to get one on Friday at the convention when I saw them, saying that I didn't like the color that much. They had a ton of them so I thought I had time to decide. When I decided to get one the next day, the shelf was completely empty, but there was a flag hanging up. While I was waiting in line to buy some tiny prints and a wall scroll, I had Chris go ask if I could buy it. At first they said yes and I gave him my wallet to pay for me, but then they changed their mind and said to come back on Sunday when their boss would be back. I had them take down my badge number so I could prove that it was me who asked. When we did come back the next day, they were really excitable about making sure I was the right person. Apparently they had been flooded with people who had the same idea as me, all asking to buy it. One employee said he'd had over 10 requests that morning alone. After 3 people each triple-checked my badge number, the flag was cut down for me and I was allowed to walk away with it, very proud of my foresight.

I'm feeling kind of bad for how little I've been talking with Fef. I really don't want her to forget me. I really worry that since the rest of her friends are so cool that I can't compare and she'll just drop me. I really hope she'll still want to live together in a year when she moves here. Brian, completely separately, told me that he and Skye would like to get a place with me and Fef. They haven't mentioned this to Fef yet, but I really really really hope she says yes. That would be a really great scenario, especially if I get a different job that isn't so far away from the city. Also, cool note, they said that we were their first choice of potential housemates, even above all the people they've actually been living with for years. I don't know if Brian would want me telling Fef, so I won't mention it to her for now and I'll just let Brian handle it. Edit: I've changed my mind and I'll just tell Fef myself.

I've gotten to go to Page Dairy Mart a whole bunch of times in the past few days. I finally got the bronies to go, and they loved it, especially for its prices. Then I went twice with the dunkhut crowd, once yesterday and once today.

Other cool things that happened lately: Frosty and I are getting into legacy Magic and I bought a whole bunch of cards (he bought a Tabernacle). I also discovered Vimwiki, which is kind of changing my life. I'm also going to be taking pictures of my face to do a time-lapse of my transformation under HRT.

On the nsfw side of things, Central Center also gave me a booklet on the effects of HRT. And basically the only thing I don't want is that my testicles will shrink. I like their size and how nice they are to the touch. Plus Lyca likes them a lot too. I've also decided that I will be documenting the transformation of my genitals in addition to my face and have started taking photos, as well as videos of me masturbating. Why am I so horny all the time jfc.