Saturday, July 14th, 2018

I took my first dose of HRT today! I got to dunkhut at basically 9 AM sharp and then we didn't leave for breakfast until like 10:45, so I didn't wind up taking it until around 11:45. We went to Dor-Stop where I got my new favorite breakfast, the egg mess and some pancakes. Since I took my meds, I've been worrying that every little thing I'm feeling is a bad reaction and I'm going to die. But aside from that, I haven't really noticed anything yet, which is to be expected. I also wore one of the women's cut shirts that I got at Anthrocon today! It's the not super obvious one, so no one commented other than to say that they liked the design. That's okay though! I knew and it made me happy.

After that, I cleaned up the dunkhut a bit and then just hung out. Eventually Brian, Skye, and I went to Kickback and played some pinball, which wasn't amazingly fun, but I'm glad we went. I would have liked to go to Victory Pointe but Skye vetoed that. The day wrapped up shortly after that by me heading home to play DnD.

I also had a headache all day that felt kind of weird. Not like a normal headache, not like eye strain. Just different. I hope it's not the meds.

I implemented this collapsed nsfw section thing today. Also I'm still kind of sad that my balls are going to shrink a lot. Fable even jokingly asked how they were doing today when I mentioned that I was starting HRT. But the benefits of HRT definitely outweigh that one negative.