Monday, July 30th, 2018

So, Bronycon was this past weekend. This year was the smallest turnout for my friends, with just me, Eric, Andy, and Pat (not dunkhut-Pat) going. It was the most disappointing it's ever been. I was disinterested in pretty much every panel, and their quality was just underwhelming. One of the most memorable things was the soda stand, where you could buy a mug and then it was all you could drink. Got to try sarsparilla, which was really good. The vendor hall was really bad. Just like last year, there were dakimakuras everywhere. Since I've been complaining about that since last year, I took pictures of some of the booths to show people for proof. Also important was me talking with and giving relationship advice to Eric. He'd been arguing with Angel all con via texts and occasional phone calls, so he seemed to be getting more and more frustrated, which was a side to him I don't think I had seen before.

The day that Andy and I drove up to the con, while I was at work, Fef and I had a really long, good conversation that wound up turning to Lyca. It was really nice to have that conversation since I feel like we hadn't had one in a while and I really miss talking with Fef for ages. There was also a lot of discussing how much we hate Ed. When the conversation turned to Lyca, Fef expressed a lot of really important thoughts, like saying that she thinks Lyca was traumatized by their ex too, and that the way Lyca expresses love is very unhealthy. More thoughts in the nsfw section.

I don't think I need to put this part in the nsfw section. This morning, my left nipple really began to hurt, and I wonder if that's just random pain or if it's the start of my breasts developing. It's supposed to be painful, but idk I could have nicked my nipple shaving or something. But just the idea that it was the start got me really excited. I'm so happy to be on hrt!

Frosty and I have started going to a weekly Legacy tournament. Brian, Frosty, Tom, and I have started playing Risk: Legacy. And today I played the pirates tavern tabletop roleplaying game with Christophe, Tom, Karl, and a bunch of Karl's friends. It was pretty fun, but not as fun as the time with Seth and his friend. Also got misgendered a lot so that wasn't fun.

So, the other stuff about Lyca that Fef brought up. She thinks that Lyca is far too obsessed with sex. And I can see why she'd think that since those seem to be the thoughts that strongly dominate their thoughts when they start to front. I have in the past talked with them, and they did say that sex isn't the only thing they want. So, I'm going to trust them. I find it to be pretty likely that since they don't seem to be allowed to front often, they don't have the release, so they just stay really horny all the time. But of course if I say that to Fef, it looks like I'm just saying that to try and have sex with Lyca more. And like, I do like being intimate with them, but I also care about them a lot. I want them to be okay. Maybe the amount they want to have sex is too high, maybe it would go down if they didn't seem to be repressed. I don't know. In the end, they're just not fronting often enough for us to know.