Thursday, June 7th 2018

Today is Fef's birthday. I didn't have my gift ready, and we weren't going to be in the same place at the same time, so I'll give it to her next time we see each other. My first test print on the new 3d printer failed. The resin didn't stick to the build plate. I contacted the company's support and they gave me something to try, but I've been too busy to do it. Being back in Pittsburgh is amazing, but I rarely get any time alone these days.

Sadly, Tory died on Saturday. My parents took her to the vet a few days before because she kept collapsing. It turned out she had heart failure, and the vet recommended putting her to sleep. My mom was going to do it, but when they brought her out to say goodbye, she looked like her normal happy self. My mom was then notified that there was a surgery that could help, so we opted to try it because we loved her so much. It was $5000 and not enough. She didn't get better and only deteriorated before we put her to sleep. It was so hard to hear when my mom called me to give the bad news. I hadn't cried that much since Fef broke up with me. It was just so hard to think about how I would never see her again when she seemed so happy and healthy the last time I saw her. I'll never put her in my lap and just pet her for hours anymore and I'll never tease her with a tennis ball again. I loved her so much and I'm starting to cry again just writing this.

I also bought a Switch and I really love the console. I only have a few games for it, but I will eventually have more. I can't play Mario right now because I have to get my save file from Fef. I don't want to just start a new game even though I know it would be faster because I want use the save that I was playing on with Fef. I'll also be getting Breath of the Wild from Brian for free. I've asked him a couple of times now for it and he keeps saying at a future date because he needs to find it first. So I'll be patient for now. I also downloaded Pokemon Quest because it was free to play and that's really fun too. Also! My very first shiny of the game was also my very first Ponyta of the game. I named it Whistler because Wind Whistler wouldn't fit.

Today I went to a pinball cafe with Brian after work. We were there less than two hours, but I got to play a whole bunch of machines, including The Simpsons pinball game that my work had! And Brian really hyped up Total Nuclear Annihilation for me and that game totally lived up to the hype. It looks like a ton of fun. I say "looks like" because I am very bad at all the pinball games and am no real judge of their quality at this time. I didn't really like the other people that showed up (mostly men) because they all got very angry either at their friends or the games themselves and eventually I just wanted to leave. Brian recommended a different place for me that he hoped would be more my speed, so hopefully I'll check that out at some point.

On the nsfw side of things, my horniness levels have dropped dramatically in the past couple weeks, but it's still higher than it was before. I put up a suggestive drawing of Ink Eyes from EC Major on my wall. It's tucked away in a corner in my bedroom behind my drawers so you can't actually see it unless you get close. I also put it up with velcro so I can remove it easily if need be. Also I really really want to start HRT. That's not exactly an nsfw thing, but I just wanted to mention it and it didn't really fit anywhere else.