Friday, June 15th 2018

Today I played started playing OneShot while streaming it with Fef, since she'd been going on about how much she loves it for the past few days. And I really enjoyed the game! It's got a lot of Adventure-game elements and I can take everything at my own place. I'm also not terribly worried about making the wrong choice. There's also the nice bonus of the game referring to the player with gender-neutral pronouns and the main character never getting gendered!

Yesterday, I played a miniatures pirate rpg game with Seth, Tom, Linus, and a Brian that I'd never met before at Seth's place. That was really fun too! It was basically entirely role-playing, which really appeals to me. I think I enjoyed it more than the wargames we've played. We played a Lord of the Rings wargame scenario earlier in the week and Linus and I got demolished by Christophe and Seth. Oh yeah, Linus is in town, which is why we got the game together instead of just doing Civ.

Last weekend I went to my parents house to celebrate Father's Day a week early (since my grandparents left for Crete like the next day or something). Mom and I spent a lot of time trying to complete the Mew quest in Pokemon Go and we both did it on the same day! I did it right before I left. We got lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger and while it was going on, I put down a lure and an incense and just sat there catching as many Pokemon as I could. It wasn't quite enough, so I walked around for ten minutes after we finished eating and caught enough to complete the last phase before catching Mew (also stopped by a GameStop and picked up the Shiny Zygarde event card). We went out to a nice little park and I caught Mew! Mine was also fairly decent (a wonder!) and I spent all my rare candies powering it up and making it my best pokemon!

I really had the motivation to work on my comic while I was there, but I wound up too busy. We were just doing stuff constantly and I played Dark Souls the first night since I knew I was too tired to work on it at the time. But I did manage to do a little bit when I got back to my apartment that Sunday. I decided a while ago that I would move away from page layouts with multiple panels and just do either one panel pages or excessively simple layouts. I think putting together the whole page was putting too much stress on me and I'll be able to work on it a lot easier now with the canvas size being a lot smaller. Oh and then my keyboard broke later in the week so I can't use my desktop and don't really want to use my big laptop without it. So I'm kind of limited to my Surface for now.

Andy will be coming to Pittsburgh tomorrow and I offered him my pullout couch to stay the night. He agreed (though tentatively since he seems to think that there won't be much to do) and I'm very excited to have someone sleeping over! It'll be fun.