May 1st, 2018

I got the job! The people I talked to seemed very nice and the work seemed interesting enough. This company that I applied to less than a week ago that wanted to interview me in person before even a phone call also didn't ask me any technical questions during the interview. And I got notified verbally that they wanted to extend an offer two hours later. The amusing thing about that is that Mir wanted to go to dinner with me, so I said yes and on the way she made a comment saying it would be funny if I got the job offer during the meal, which is exactly what happened. I wasn't expecting the offer for at least another day or two, since the recruiter told me that they were going to interview another person tomorrow.

The day started off good too. I got to chat with Fef for quite a while about a lot of things, including gender feels and art. It seems that I don't really have to worry about talking to Fef about gender things. She said it wasn't boring to her and made the excellent point that she hosted a trans/nb support group. Also, I talked about what I was feeling a lot and mentioned wanting breasts again, which felt like a big step for me. And it didn't cause her to dissociate and make Lyca come out like talking about gender has done a couple times in the past. While I wouldn't have minded talking with Lyca (esp. since they haven't talked to me in a long while), I didn't want to make Fef dissociate while at work, even if she didn't have any work to be doing. I'm glad that I can feel free to just talk about my gender feels with her. And gosh were they strong this morning.

So now that I've got the job offer, I've just got to wait to see what the actual terms are. I know that it'll be 65K, just like at Matrix, but I don't know what things like vacation time will be like. If the actual offer is something ludicrous, I'll have to turn it down and continue my search, which I'd rather not have to do. I just hope it's reasonable. Once I've accepted it, I'll have to start trying to find a place with Frosty. I don't know if I mentioned it in a previous entry, but Frost is interested in rooming with me since his lease is almost up and neither he nor Chris likes the Arlington building very much. My mom has already offered to use her resources at Fannie Mae to help us. I hope I'll be able to bring my cabinets.

Additionally, I want to tell my parents at some point that I'm nonbinary, hopefully before I leave, but maybe a week or two after I've moved out. Asking them to use gender neutral pronouns for me will be a bit weird, but hopefully when I start HRT it will be less of surprise. It's going to be happening so soon it's kind of terrifying.