May 2nd, 2018

I accepted the written job offer today. I'm disappointed in the vacation & sick time — 10 days vacation, 3 sick per year. Matrix gave me 21 days of vacation/sick time. I also read through the employee handbook and it is much more formal and corporate despite being of a similar size. I've also been wondering how quickly I'll tell work people that I'm nonbinary. I'll definitely give them my preferred name right away, just as a "Oh, my friends call me Lan. You should too." sort of thing.

I also spent a good chunk of time looking at apartments. Mom suggested looking downtown, but Frosty seemed like he might bail on the plan if I got a place there. So, I found this nice place in West Oakland that only extended my commute a little bit when compared to downtown, but reduced his commute by bus to only 20 minutes. The place is also very nice-looking and I'm fairly confident we'll both like it. There isn't a TON of room, but I think I could squeeze in an arcade cabinet or two.

My usb bluetooth adapter for my Arch desktop arrived today! And it was just plug-and-play like I expected from ThinkPenguin. I quickly installed the packages I needed, paired my headphones, and connected. My headphones immediately went into phone call mode, which is this super obnoxious thing with the Quiet Comfort headphones where it starts playing back everything that the noise-cancellation microphone picks up. And on top of that, it wasn't sending any actual audio. After some googling, I found myself looking at the Configuration section of pavucontrol, and just played around with the dropdown for the profile setting of the device. Turned out it just needed to be set to a2dp_sink, and it worked just fine after that. Until a couple hours later when I noticed that the audio was slightly delayed from what was happening on the computer. I googled it and thought it might be because I put it right next to the wifi adapter. Moving it looked like it worked until a couple hours later. Turns out that's just something that can happen and you need to reset the device. So, I set up a hotkey to do just that. Kind of annoying, but not a big deal.