March 11th, 2017

I got almost 12 hours of sleep again this weekend. I wonder if it will mean 6 hours the next day, just like last week. I don't think I'd prefer that, since I really do think I need the extra sleep. My dream, or what I can remember from it, was pretty sexual in nature, but as usual nothing came of it. There was a chunk that I can remember where I was some kind of small monster and in a sexual position with a snake monster. I was putting my claws into its vagina, and I remember purposely trying to think thoughts to arouse myself, but I didn't succeed, and the scene kind of just ended. There was another part where I brought home some gay porn and put it on my bed, which my dad found and was cool with, which is basically what I'd expect should such a thing happen in real life. It's my mom who disapproves of everything and my dad who really doesn't care. Another part of the dream was about Dragon Ball Z.


We went out to lunch, which was originally going to be a burger place, but we then changed our minds and went to a Mexican place. Dad and I agreed to get burgers tomorrow before we both go to see Get Out. After eating, we went to Microcenter to make some returns/exchanges. After that we spent some time in Michaels waiting for mom to finish shopping. Took about 3 hours in total to get lunch and get home. Of course mom tried to hijack the trip into even more shopping. I don't understand what is so hard about telling me her plans first, so I can take my car and drive home while they spend their entire afternoon buying things. I hate shopping with them. All I do is stand around doing nothing, but mom acts like I'm the selfish one for wanting to go home and actively tries to shame me for it. Fuck that. There's a million things I'd rather do.

Of course, it has occurred to me that this is mom's way of trying to connect with me, just spending time together, even if it makes me miserable. If this is the case, she shouldn't be having me do something I hate doing with her. I think that's more likely to put strain on our relationship than fortify it. The problem is that for her to improve our relationship, she'd need to do fun things with me, and there's nothing fun that she wants to do that isn't watching tv or movies. TV and movies is fine, but only in small doses. I don't want to watch 3 hours of TV every single night. I don't want to go out to the movies every Saturday and Sunday. I can't stand doing these things that aren't engaging.


Did some more work on improving this site. I found out that the correct way to check if jQuery found an element is to check the returned object's length. Apparently jQuery will return an object even if it didn't find anything. Also, it turns out that the load method doesn't happen until way after the code that I wrote calls it, so I can't append anything to a fetched post on my homepage. This results in an inconsistency between the homepage and post pages. The Previous link will appear below the post instead of inside it on the homepage. One solution is obviously to just move it to the same spot on the individual post pages, but I think that looks worse. Mabye I'll just do that and replace it with a nice-looking image.

I noticed myself trying to click on my avatar to go back to the index, so I added that functionality. I breifly considered writing an about page and having it link to that, but I don't see why I'd do that since this is for me and I already know who I am.


I got to see the premiere of the return of Samurai Jack, and it was really great. They matched the tone just right, and it really just felt like the show continued. Other than that, I spent some of my time playing Overwatch. Still haven't really felt like doing any more competitive. I guess once I hit diamond last season, I stopped caring about it.