November 25th, 2017

I spent most of today playing Pokemon while occasionally helping out with my family decorating the house for Christmas. My mom keeps trying to convince me that I'm going to miss decorating when I'm older, because a guy at work told her that's how he feels. It's obnoxious as fuck to just invalidate my feelings like that and try to guilt me into liking something I despise with every fibre of my being. I agreed to help with just moving boxes up and down the stairs, and waiting in the door while while my mom endlessly stares at boxes, pondering for eternity over which ones to ask me to take up today gives me that same feeling of wishing I was anywhere else that I had when she'd take me grocery shopping when I was young and stare infuriatingly at every single item on every single shelf in every single aisle. I hate decorating so much.

For the past two days, whenever I've talked with Fef, I wind up bringing up Pokemon because it's all I'm doing and what's on my mind. The problem with this is that, since Fef can't play the game because of her wrists but really wants to, I just wind up making her feel bad and the conversation sort of peters out after that. I should really try to refrain from doing that as much as possible. She seems to have been enjoying her Thanksgiving and having Ren over. Since graduation is coming up, she won't be seeing Ren much anymore, so she should spend as much time together with them as she can get. I know she's terrified of moving to the working world, but I really do think it will be better for her to stop having homework and exams. They just add too much stress to her life. Of course, having to spend 7 hours a day at work is still too much for her and I think she should have pushed back harder for a shorter workday, but she's not really the kind of person to be forceful about that sort of thing.